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Nutty | Toasty | Earthy | Creamy Flavours

Hazelnut dacquoise/Hojicha chantilly/honey & vanilla bean chantilly/Hojicha brulee/dark choc shavings to garnish

COOKING FACT - We infuse hojicha loose leaf tea into this cake to extract maximum flavour and aroma


A Japanese greentea roasted over charcoal, giving the cake nutty, earthy and toasty flavours.


*Gluten Free 
*Product may contain hazelnuts, dairy, eggs, gelatine (100% porcine)


  • Mini slice 6cm x 3cm (1 portion)
  • Individual slice 6cm x 6cm (1 portion)
  • 14cm x 14cm (4-6 portions)
  • 18cm x 18 cm (10-12 portions)
  • 25cm x 25 cm (20-25 portions)
  • 32cm x 32cm (40-45 portions)

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